Saturday, October 15, 2011

HALLOWEEN is in the air....

And so are BATS, and GHOSTS, and EVERYTHING else!
Here is are some fun little projects to share or keep for yourself...

The making of a BAT....
Trace the bat

Melt the chocolate

Outline the bats wings with chocolate then fill in

Lifting wings from parchment paper

Eyes, sticks, cookies

Separate cookies, push stick into filling,
top with melted chocolate

Add wings and a little more chocolate

Replace cookie top

Cover top with melted chocolate, finish with two eyes

The finished project!
Place a cube of styrofoam in a container
and stick cookie into styrofoam for
finishing touches (picture to be added)

GHOSTS by Three...

Cut a 4x4 to any length, paint!  easy peasey!
And there was MORE....

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