Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Yes! We ALL need to Celebrate Teachers...I believe in Public Education with all my heart and the timeless efforts of those who have taught, and continue to teach, my children.  If I could hug and kiss all of the wonderful teachers in the NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT  I would!  I have been honored to be a Room Mom for several years.  I also have been honored to serve on PTA.  The wonderful people I am able to serve with both at Cherry Creek Elementary  and Springville JR High  are amazing.  OH! And to help out at Springville High School  with the amazing orchestra lead by Dr. Samuel TsugawaTEACHERS DESERVE SO MUCH!
It is TEACHER APPRECIATION at Cherry Creek. 
My babes, JuJu Bug has Mrs. Cheryl Neilson - who is amazing.  So I baked her some incredibly delicious brownies.  I just hope Ju can get them to school without dropping them!  You need to make these..I am serious.  ADDICTING!!!!!!!

Irish Cream Gooey Brownies.  Get the recipe!

Dr. T..AMAZING orchestra leader.
Raising the bar by expecting MORE.  
Mrs. Neilson - Julia's 5th Grade Teacher
I love being her room mom!
Mr. Earl - not one of my kid's teachers this year,
but he has been in the past.  We love Mr. Earl.

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