Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Is Coming...Easter Is Coming...

Sarah saw the Easter Bunny several years ago.  So even at the age of 19, she believes!  We ALL need to believe in something.  I believe in providing a fantastic Easter Dinner for my family. 
Our weekend will start off with an Easter Egg Hunt at the Benjamin Park.  It starts at 9 AM SHARP.  It ends at  Then we will come back and color our eggs.  So much fun.
Lunch...ummm..haven't decided.  But dinner will be at Grandpa Singleton's.  POTLUCK.  I think I am bringing Frog Eye Salad and Cupcakes.
To end the Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark!
Then we have Sunday..our traditional egg hunt.  Followed by....Easter Dinner.  Yes!  The Easter Bunny will make a visit in there sometime along the way.
Oh I so look forward to Easter Dinner with my family.  I love to cook the big meal. Our Easter Menu  oh it is still pending, but likely not to change too much...

2011 Easter Dinner
(only from The Honey Baked Ham Store)
Cheesy Potatoes
(maybe some will be deviled)
Rainbow Jell-o
Orange Creamsycle Mousse
Baked Beans
Steamed Baby Carrots with Parsley
(Polish Easter Bread)
Strawberry Cream Bars

I would care to know what YOUR Easter Dinner tradition is......  Really?  I thought about changing ours up, but the most I could ever change is the jell-o salads and dessert and kielbasa.  The rest remains to be the Singleton Family Easter Menu.  Quite honestly, the Kielbasa is new to us in Utah.  Growing up..we always had FRESH kielbasa for Easter.  That was the only time of year you could find it in New least where I grew up.  And still, according to my dad, is still the only time of year you can find it.  He was sweet enough to OVERNIGHT me some last year.  Oh!  My kids loved it. Didn't get it yet this year, but I have a ring of hit wrapped supper tight in the freezer from last year.  I am hoping it still tastes great.
I did manage to make three batches of bobka.  I sent one to New York to my family.  Baked beans are done.  Potatoes are boiled and in fridge waiting to get shredded for the cheesey potato casserole. Let's see....eggs are colored!  So beautiful too.  Another tradition we keep alive.
I always remember my grandparents and their kids (one of which was my mom) making fresh horseradish for Easter.  It went on the kielbasa and their eggs.  I am NOT a fan of horseradish.
BTW..FRESH kielbasa...oh so different from smoked.  Oh man!  So much better tasting too!
Well, enjoy your Easter, as I know I will! 

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