Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking Forward to Jess' Birthday

OK. Jess is someone I work with at Foote Insurance.  Young pup.  He thinks he has more muscle than me???  I think it depends on whose eyes you are looking through.  Anyway, he has been so ANTI dating/marriage and all of a sudden..MAY 14th is the big day for him.  See what happens when you find your soul mate!  Anyway, his birthday is coming up...March 23. Last year he wanted a chocolate cake. This year he asked for a coconut cake. Now, I am thinking...oh yeah!  So I found an incredible recipe for a fresh coconut cake.  However, I think I'm going lemon curd or lemon mousse filling and a fluffy lemon cream frosting.  I think it will be decadent.  I'll keep you posted.  If it turns out the way I dream, I will post the recipes.
I did post the recipe in another post!

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