Monday, March 5, 2012

SUBWAY ART - make it bright, make it fun!

This was so much fun to make.  And I did the art so that it is so easy to insert another name and date.  There will be more church subway art on the way....

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  1. I like this!! I haven't tried my hand at subway art yet, but it looks like fun!.. I can't believe you've had a blog for this long and I had no idea; but then again, I have one too, mostly just to share what I've made or what I'm presently making... Crochet, scrapbooking, etc, etc. I just recently won a place in an online class to learn to make dolls that I'll be sculpting from clay, MYSELF, so I can't wait to try that.. I'm just still picking up materials for it at the moment!... Anyways, I TRY to keep it all at least semi-interesting when I can find the TIME to post! (0; So, now I'm your newest follower! See you again soon, 'round here or FB! ((hugs)) ~tina (aka beansie, because I was afraid to use my real name when I first started the blog, years ago, and now it just sticks.. Why change it?)


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