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Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Wow!  Another year.  And so many changes to our life.  The usual occurred, we all got one year older...for some that is unfortunate (ok..that is Roger & Me).  But for meant getting a driver's permit..Mary that is.
Mary Hannah, 15, driving on a permit.  And her first accident..getting hit my a semi while driving  the 15 passenger van on the way back from New York.  Oh!  Nobody hurt and hardly a dent.  But it scared the POOP! right out of her.
Mark Vincent, ummm, over 6 feet and STILL growing.  Dating a beautiful Danish girl, Belle.  We enjoy her being around.  Mark still acts like...well Mark, but with more  Got to love that kid!  He works part time as a cook at a local food joint..Stan's on 9th east in Provo. 
Sarah Jane (really Catherine, but she prefers Jane)...changed her major from Chemistry to ......(drum roll)  Art!  Broke my heart (that's me...Mom), but whatever makes a child happy!  Anyway, she has discovered the art of FILM!  See, she really wants to focus on photography.  Utah State is one of the few still left in the nation that is film based for photography.  She did a final project (got an A by the way) with photos taken in the Stockade Area of Schenectady.  Her details focused on doorknobs, woodwork..things we overlook!
Julia Christine, my last elementary student.  So sad!  No more Room Mom for will end.  She started orchestra this school year and chose the CELLO!  So for now, She and Mark share the instrument.  And her first concert was recent and it was a great concert.  She enjoyed volleyball season.  Man, when she is on..she is really on!
Bec & Tyler brought to our family a beautiful baby girl, Avalynn Rose, on April 17.  Now she is crawling all over the place.  I have never known a more happier baby.  They live around the corner from us right now.  Tyler works full time and goes to school full time.  Bec will be starting school this January.  Both want to be teachers.
Liz & Daniel got married on August 20th.  They live in Orem.  We have the pleasure of being grandparents to his two children, Hailey & Hunter.  Liz and Daniel are both getting ready to go back to school.  Liz would like to be a dental hygienist.  Hailey and Hunter live with their Mom so we don't see them as often as we would like.
Dianne (that's me) I still work around the clock..two part time jobs (well kind of three) and still my own accounting business....mainly processing payroll.  I have gotten back into much fun. 
Roger, loves being a grandpa. (I love being a grandma)! He still enjoys his gardening and reading books.  And almost 23 years he is still at Longview Fibre. 
We had an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in New York with Grandpa Polsinelli (Di's dad) and Dino (brother).  Dianne flew round trip with Julia and took the baby (Avalynn) out to New York.  So glad!  The rest..Daniel, Tyler, Bec, Liz, Mary, Mark, Roger, Sarah..all drove in the 15 passenger van.  Finally after three break downs..they made it.  The final break down was the fuel pump and they were just 7 miles from the destination..and after pushing the van up a  hill and off the thruway to the cross town!  They finally arrived at about 5 AM Monday before Thanksgiving.  It took until Wednesday to fix the van.  Then we spent Thanksgiving Dinner at Dino's on his beautiful 100 acre property.  He and Maria cooked a 40 pound turkey that they raised.  Oh it was so moist and delicious..after 8 hours of cooking.
Dianne was not exempt from cooking...yeah... pies pies pies and cornbread.... pumpkin, banana cream, chocolate hazelnut, no bake pumpkin, cranberry nut!  YUM!
Then it was time for the family to head back to Utah.  Daniel flew out Saturday.  Roger, Mary, & Mark left in the van on Sunday morning.  They headed to Maryland to see his twin, Ron and his family.  Bec, Tyler, Avalynn went on one flight.  Sarah & Liz left on another.  And that left Dianne & Julia to stay another few days.  Finally on Nov 30th, everyone was where they should be! 
Now life has settled down..NOT! 
We are forever grateful  to Our Father in Heaven for all our wonderful blessings and our forever growing family!  We pray that the True Meaning of Christmas be in your hearts not just at Christmas Time, but all year through.

Much Love,
The Singletons

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