Monday, April 11, 2011

One Thing My Grandma Polak Taught Me..Amongst a Zillion Other Things...

You are not kidding when people say that the older you get, the more wise you can get.  My Grandma Polak was an AMAZING woman.  My most vivid memories of her were ALWAYS surrounded by FOOD!  In one way or another..FOOD!  Like the hot summer days when she would always have on hand..fudge bars and creamsycles.
Staying home from school was great..Mom would drop me off on her way to work at my Grandma's.  What was for lunch that day...the greatest..Swanson TV Dinner.  Oh yes!  Not the new ones you can pop into the microwave...on no!  We are talking the original in the FOIL TRAYS.  And not just any had to be the Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes.
Oh yes..The Price is Right..A must TV Game Show to watch.  That even after all these years, I still enjoy it.  Oh and my children do too.
So many other fond memories..Easter time..homemade horseradish. And even better yet..Bobka...Our families Polish Easter Bread.  (And if I forgot to tell you...I am 1/4 Polish..came from my Grandfather Polak's side)
CriscoAny whoot!...Bobka...I still make it today and only for Easter.
Gold Medal All PurposeOne thing my Grandma taught me about cooking.  "Dee Dee", she would say, "Use the best ingredients." So I copied her...two things my grandma ALWAYS used - Crisco Shortening and Gold Medal Flour!  So be it.  Come into my kitchen and see what you find!  So I carry on those same values and use REAL butter and REAL vanilla in my recipes. Grandma was RIGHT..using the BEST really does matter.  So don't cheat yourself and make that purchase of inferior products just to save a "nickel".  It's NOT worth it.

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